Repeated Embellishments on a Layout

Hi all!

I recently celebrated a birthday, and as a gift my husband and son bought me some craft supplies which was very thoughtful of them. I wasn't a part of it at all so what I received was a total surprise, and it was a pleasant surprise. I possibly wouldn't have purchased any of it myself, but I will definitely use it all.

One of the items was a package of six rosettes (two each of three designs). I decided those were what I was going to use first, and as I went along I decided I wanted the majority of the items circular, and that using them all was looking really good, so that's what I did - I repeated embellishments by using the entire package of six rosettes on one layout.

I love it.

I did the entire layout in soft colours, lots of pinks and whites, and floral designs. It is for my own album after all!

I used a whole bunch of die cuts.

And did lots of layering. So much dimension and texture.

Finished off with some pale pink mist and a handful of pale green sequins.

I didn't use any patterned paper on this layout!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Until next time,
Jessica T


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