Christmas Decor

Hi there!

Gosh this time of the year is busy busy busy! Is it the same for you? I haven't made any Christmas cards, or posted any - I usually post them on December 1st! Today. I must post some today.

I have only had one morning at my craft desk in the last three to four weeks, so today's post is just some pictures of my Christmas decor rather than Christmas crafts I'm afraid.

My decor usually goes up on December 1st too. This year it was about the 7th. And it is mainly concentrated in one area this year as  we have had changes about the house this year and don't know where to put things. Hopefully I am more prepared next year.

And our tree. Decorated entirely by our son this year.

I've got the presents out already this year. Since our little guy was one year old they've always gone out on Christmas Eve so he doesn't touch them, but this year I decided they will go out early. He's been told if he touches that they will go away, and I'm fairly confident he hasn't. They were all behind the tree until some parcels arrived in the post, so now they're everywhere! I cannot stack them in front of the dvds as we wouldn't be able to access the dvds easily (and since it is now the school holidays, there will be days when they need to be reached!)

And now for some photos after the solar lights had turned on:

I am hoping this week wont be too crazy busy and that I will get some crafting time - some Christmas crafting time. See you next week with something!

Thanks for stopping by today,
Jessica T


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