Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I hope your first week of 2018 has been a great one!

When school finished for the year in December, I decided to make teacher appreciation gifts for my sons teachers. I wanted something cute and useful. I have seen a number of awesome projects on Pinterest over the years and took inspiration from a number of them. 

This is what I came up with:

It is a vase of flowers. Kind of.

I hand cut the flowers from cardboard, and the centre of each one is a twistables crayon. There are six flowers in each jar, and the remaining six twistables are in the jar underneath. To achieve this, I grouped the six flowers together and raised them higher in a small length of cardboard tube so the remaining six would fit. They hide nicely underneath and cannot be seen from the top.

I decorated the jars. Each has a green cardboard lining to hide all the stems. One jar has a gold transfer on it, while the other has a gold mesh ribbon wrapped around it. They both have a printed ribbon tied around the top, one with Thanks and the other with Thank You.

And finally, both were adorned with a hand made tag. They were made with the same green cardboard as the jar lining, and a pale yellow patterned paper. Both had a typed message of 'thanks for helping me grow' (and my son hand wrote their names on it) and embellished with flowers and sequins. They were tied to the jars with coloured ribbons, with a hand written message on the back.

Both teachers loved their gifts, and they were nice and easy to make. It feels so good to give, and to make someones day!

Thanks for stopping by today.
See you again next week,
Jessica T


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