Dream Catcher revival (take 2)

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So what is a Dream Catcher revival? Well, some years ago I made my son a dream catcher. He wanted it all white, his favourite colour at the time, so it was quite bland and plain (I didn't exactly have a lot that could be added to a white dream catcher). Some time later I gave it some colour. I sprayed it with blue mists, so it is the original dream catcher, just with a colour change. I also added blue ribbons, beads and feathers.

His dream catcher is next to his bed and he plays with it before going to sleep. Needless to say, a lot of the knots ended up coming undone and those ribbons and beads fell off. A few months back I did make three wall hangings - not dream catchers, but that kind of style - that he has had in his room while I've been working out what to do with this one.

Now on to the dream catcher revival (take 2). I used the original dream catcher, removed all the ribbons and gave it another spray (with three mists this time to have an ombre effect). I used new ribbons, all long ones that loop over rather than knot at the top. I went quite simple with the feathers and beads this time, but I stuck to shades of blue to keep it cohesive and tidy. And here it is:

I took colour inspiration from the colours in a peacock feather.

You can see the ombre effect of the three mists used on the top piece.

I added a little feather cluster right at the top, hanging from the centre of the dream catcher.

All the feathers are paired up - one aqua and one teal for the mid level feathers, with aqua and black for the bottom. The cluster at the top actually has three little feathers - aqua, pale blue and a small peacock feather showing all those glorious colours.

It still has the paua pieces that it used to.

The originals:

And now:

Never be afraid to alter something you've made. You don't have to love it forever. You may wish to change the project entirely, or just make small changes. Perhaps have a complete colour change, or add in one. Or perhaps like this project of mine, it needs to be fixed and made more secure and at the same time was given an update - it's not hugely different from last time, but it's still fresh and new, and hopefully more secure!

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