Bright and Cheerful Wall Hanging

Hi there, 

Today's project, as the title suggests, is a wall hanging I made for a friend's birthday. It is bright, colourful, floral and uplifting all in one.

I also made a matching card to go with it. 

She is a lady who likes bright and bold colours, so I made it so.

I adorned it with these red flowers, which I had re-purposed, and a gold bow. I used three different alphas in matching red, red + blue, and gold. For the gold banner alphas I attached them with a string joining them together and added butterflies on the string to make it look (sort of) like a butterfly trail - it looks better than the alphas just sitting in the middle, as now they're grounded to the edges, if that makes any sense at all!

I couldn't add the same flowers on the card as on the wall hanging as they are too dimensional, so I punched flowers in the same colourway. I used the last remaining strip of paper that I had used on the wall hanging. And I finished off the flowers with a sequin in the centre of each.

I hope she loves it and I hope I have inspired you in some way! 

My next post will be the White ... With 1 May reveal on the 1st of May. What colour will it be? I love the layout I created!

See you then,
Jessica T


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