My Pink Desk

Hey there,

My craft project to share with you this week is the desk I recently revamped. I don't have a before photo that I'm aware of, but you all know the type - a wood that isn't particularly special, covered in a layer or two of veneer, with splotches of paint and ink all over with some writing thrown in the mix too. This is a desk I picked up at a second hand shop for a few dollars, so none of that was meaningful in any way.

I started by attempting to remove the veneer from the lid of the desk, which quickly resulted in replacing the lid entirely. The rest of the desk sanded up nicely. I did have to fill a few holes in it, which is why I decided to paint this one rather than wax it like I typically do. I was just using paint from home, so it turned out a little different than I thought it might when I brought it (a few years ago now). Happy with the end result though and I know nobody else will take it into their space instead! 

Yip, bright pink!

I have left the inside untouched at this stage (it is sanded though). I may wax it or paint it at a later date - but not pink. I do like the contrast in colour and the contrast in materials (paint vs wood).

I repainted the metal legs silver, but I didn't want to remove the faded red feet as I had nothing to replace them with, so I pulled out two contrasting washi tapes and covered them the best I could. Close up you can see the uncovered tops, but at ground level you don't see that.

It is now a lovely addition to my craft space. Yes it is very bright, but I knew the top would always be covered (in supplies or newly finished projects etc) so it's not completely in your face!

You can see a desk i revamped back in 2013 here.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Jessica T


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