Backing Cut Files (kind of)

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Today's post, following along from the last few months, is another layout using the White ... With 1 colour of the month - Gerbera Petal for the month of May. After spending the time going through my stash to pull out everything in that month's colour, I'm not simply going to put it all away again after one layout! When it comes to the second, or even third, layout for the month sometimes I stray a bit from the colour or add in extras (this one is all pink just not Gerbera Petal Pink).

This layout is done on a diagonal, with the bottom right half of the page being a pink patterned paper, and the majority of the embellishments along the joined edge.

I could have just done all embellishments along the diagonal line but I so badly wanted to use the pink metal deer! I never get to do pink Christmas pages (the photo was taken at Christmas) so this was likely going to be my only chance! And I wrote my journaling inside it, so it's not completely useless. 

So what is with my blog title - backing cut files (kind of)? Well followers of my blog will be aware I don't have a die cutting machine of any shape or size, so anything I do that looks like it could have been from a cut file/ die is either hand cut, purchased, or I've been creative. On this route I went creative - something I have done before - and I cut around the outside of stickers, on the sticker backing, leaving a small border and then backed that. Sound confusing? It's really not, I'll show you. 

I had a sheet of stickers that included a kite sticker. I used it on another project and then cut around the outside of the shape on the sticker sheet - the bit that usually goes in the bin. I then backed that sticker shape. 

I forgot to get a photo when I was done, so this is when I was playing with layout placement. You can see I have backed each of the shaped pieces in a different patterned paper. I had to guess a bit with the shapes - how they looked in the middle, where the colours changed. And of course being that my 'cut file' I was backing was a sticker, I didn't have multmultiple attempts to get it right - but it looks fine (nobody looks that closely anyway! )

I added in pearl drops to finish it off.

I also backed other shapes too, including the two bunnies. I did those in just one patterned paper which made it really easy.

I also backed that die cut doily. I did it with two different patterned papers, and the sections to be backed perfectly fitted a 1 inch punched circle. So I punched a whole bunch of circles and adhered them to the back - darker pink on the outside dots and a lighter pink on the inside 'flower' shape - that you can only just see a couple of them peeking out.

Don't own a manual or electric die cutting machine? Or simply like to use everything with minimal waste? Fussy cut on some of your sticker sheets and create your own backed embellishments in any colour scheme you want! One piece of patterned paper, multiple pieces of patterned paper or a bit of both like I had here. Get creative - get extra creative - and see how else you can use what you have to get the looks you desire!

Thanks so much for stopping in today. 

See you next week, 
Jessica T


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