A Magical Birthday

Hey there!

My son recently had a birthday party to attend, at short notice. It was Harry Potter themed and I had to find a gift pronto! I went to a craft market to get a unique gift and then needed to wrap it. I wanted to do it both unique and matching the birthday theme. What I came up with was brown paper packages tied up with string! It matched perfectly and looked super cute too.

I didn't have time to make a card, so my son chose one out of my premade stash. It is cute and matches the wrapping style well, it just isn't exactly magical themed!

Between finding out about the party and party day, I not only had to go to work and buy a gift, but I also had to make a costume! (We are not in a financial position to just go out and buy a costume). Thankfully I had some fabric at home and just made it up as I went along. A couple of hours later this was the result:

I made it from one continuous piece of fabric, sewn only at the shoulders/ neck and sleeves added in a slit I cut on the sides.

I did sew up the front a bit (in the middle) as it ended up being a bit big and was slipping off his shoulders. The front can be unstitched when he's older so it can be worn in different styles.

Thanks for stopping by today. 
Until next time,
Jessica T


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